“Mark Dery went through my film/animation screenplay with a fine-toothed critical comb for details, an aesthetic eye for literary tone and grammar, and on a macro level offered suggestions for streamlining, structural changes, and big picture concept. It was a pleasure and an inspiration working with him.”

Jonathan RosenPainter, illustrator, animator, professor at The School of Visual Arts

“I have been an admirer of Mark Dery’s sharp, witty prose for almost three decades. When I had the chance to work with him, I was astonished by his formidable knowledge of grammar and style. His constructive criticism and editorial suggestions were honest, generous—and brilliant.”

Naief YehyaCultural critic, author of Drone Visions: A Brief Cyberpunk History of Killing Machines

“Mark Dery’s precise edits and keen insights helped me reconceive and revise my book proposal. His suggestions were detailed yet encouraging. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

Gerald McCarthyPoet, author of the forthcoming memoir Vet, Interrupted

“I would recommend Mark Dery’s manuscript critique and writing coaching to anyone, particularly inexperienced writers of nonfiction who may not have worked with an editor before. I really appreciate how much time and energy he put into my memoir-in-progress. He did a masterful job of cutting material that slows down the narrative, and his editorial comments gave me a surge of intellectual and compositional adrenalin.”

Eric NewhallProfessor Emeritus in English, Occidental College, author of the forthcoming memoir, Easy Time

“I am going through your comments and am learning a LOT. Your critique is incredibly helpful!”

Ben NeillComposer, performer, professor of music